Fix Your Electric Kettle

Wednesday, December 28, 2011 Posted by Glenn Von Posadas 1 comments

Fixing Your Kettle Tutorial
by: Glenn Posadas
DISCLAIMER: I'm not an electrician, but I think, I can be. :) I am not an electrical engineer, but I am a computer engineering student and therefore I've finished my DC Circuits 1 course and currently taking AC Circuits 2 course. :)

Electricity travels through the element inside the kettle, but resistance to the flow of electricity causes heat. The heat is then conducted into the water. When the water reaches boiling point, the steam heats up a 'Bimetallic Strip' which is made up of two different strips of metal, which bends because one of the metals expands faster than the other. This breaks the circuit, and the electricity doesn't get through the element until the bimetallic strip has cooled down.

Our Electric Kettle one day suddenly stopped working. So I took some guts to fix it.
There are different reasons why your kettle doesn't work.


1. First, I think your kettle was made in China. LOL. Yeah seriously, sometimes, appliances from China have a shorter lifetime than those from Japan :)
2. Switch. Maybe the switch is broken
3. The kettle's circuit, maybe the wires have been corroded by the rust. (This happened in my kettle)
4. Wires maybe disconnected

LET's GET STARTED (Note: This applies to case # 3 and #4)


Obviously, we need to get rid off the water in our kettle, well its up to you if you want to get wet. xD. And unplug the kettle from your power source.

You can drink the water if you think you're wasting it. :P

Of course, you'll be needing a screw driver:


Now, we will aim to check the circuit or wiring of our kettle itself. IT can be found under your kettle.


Remove all the screws


Check for the corroded wires.

well, in my case, there was merely one corroded wire. :)




Remove the corroded wires and clean it. RUST IS NOT A CONDUCTOR, therefore it is an INSULATOR. Meaning, it doesn't not allow the current to pass. :) Or you can simply replace such wires if you want to. and then plug your kettle right away!


WOO!!! Thank God its working now! :) Now we can make coffees! ^_^

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Nation Transformers 2011 History Makers

Thursday, December 22, 2011 Posted by Glenn Von Posadas 4 comments

Nation Transformers 2011 History Makers Philippines!

That was my UTTERLY MOST AMAZING, SUPERB, ANOINTED, BLESSED, OUTSTANDING Christian Conference I've ever attended! Woah! All of the superlative adjectives in the dictionary can't describe this Nation Transformers 2011.

(Nation Transformers Poster 12.21.11 Cuneta Astrodome)

For me, it is yet unparalleled. Well, I hope the next conference in December 2012 will be greater than this!

I want to share to you guys what happened before such Nation Transformers.

Our church just had an awesome, happy Christmas Party. But before I went to our church, I planned to buy a palabok sa bilao. P150.00 each bilao. I then bought two bilao for P300.00, and suddenly realized that that was too much and I had to pay for my Nation Transformers Ticket which costs P350.00 (inclusive of food and transportation ). I told myself that, "if no one in my church reminds me to pay for the ticket, then I won't pay, I won't come to Nation Transformers, and besides I already paid so much disbursement although God gave me an opportunity to once again cover a debut so that I can earn money. Unfortunately no one reminded me about such ticket. BUT, I was shocked that during the "eating time" in our church, they played the persuasion video of some actors and actresses in showbusiness. Woah! Thank God. So then I paid my ticket.


Well, I brought my camera, (1)18-55mm kit lens, (1)D40, (1)70-300mm tamron lens of my classmate. I prayed that God would help me in shooting during the conference, cause I'm merely a poor-wanna-be-not-talented-young-photographer slash a teenager with a dslr and I don't have a fast lens. Yeah, I have a 50mm f1.8 but I had to exchange it with my classmate. Ah anyways, I didn't know what to do at that moment, because I wanted to do both things: to cry out to God and worship him so much; and to shoot all the emotions of the people and all of happenings in cuneta astrodome. I think there were 5 photographers in cuneta including me, their cameras and lenses were very intimidating, I mean they didn't buoy me up. Oh my! They had their nice and highly tech cameras. While me, I only have my Nikon D40. :( Anyways, I hope in the next year, before the next conference, I already have my dream 35mm f1.8 lens! God give me scholarship this semester :P

Fast Forward: Next: At the end: Since I didn't bring my D40's extra battery, my shutter was not working for the battery was very low, so then I putted my camera in my bag and began to focus very hard in worshiping my God while listening to a very beautiful Gen Faythe <3 :PPP hehehe.
I cried so hard even to the extent my throat was aching. Good thing it didn't bleed. xD. Going on, I cried very hard and shouted as load as I could: "YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!! LORDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD! YEAAAAAAAAAAA! AMEN!" and then Jumped! and Jumped! and Jumped as high as I could! I kneeled down and cried again. I prayed for everyone in this earth, for my family, for the poor that I see everyday. :(


By the way, if you want to see some of my shots, here they are, just click 'em if you wanna enlarge em! :

And Last, here is the most beautiful preacher in the universe. :PPP


"HISTORY JUST HAPPENED!!!!!!!!!!!! History Makers Conference 'Nation Transformers' was an EXPLOSION!!!!!! Dumagundong ang Cuneta! PAMBIHIRANG 2012 TO!!!!! Win our nation through prayer, dream, cell and right character. All glory to God! Great harvest is coming! Thank you everyone! Thank you God!" - Jamey Keeneth Santiago

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How to take moon pictures

Wednesday, December 21, 2011 Posted by Glenn Von Posadas 0 comments

How to take moon pictures
by: Glenn Posadas

Well, first of all, I recommend you to use DSLR, SLR. These Single-Lens-Reflex Cameras are widely used by professionals because they can be used in any field of photography. Their lens can be changed. Anyways, when taking moon pictures, telephoto lenses s

hould be used! Such as the following:

  • 70-200mm
(click the photo to enlarge. Blacks are for Nikon, White for Canon)

Any kind of 70-200mm will do. 70-200mm with or without image stabilizer/VR. Of course its better to use with such IS/VR.

OR, you can use longer telephoto lens! That will be so good for you!

As for me, since I'm merely a poor-wanna-be-not-talented-young-photographer slash a teenager with a dslr, I use 70-300mm Tamron Lens.

So, if you're ready now, take your gears, put your lens into your camera now, and bring a tripod.
Note: TRIPOD is used if your lens has no IS/VR.

Question: What if I don't have both?
Answer: Well, in that case, you should adjust your shutter speed faster.

I woke up early today because I have to attend a Christian Conference, a great conference woah!!! And then, suddenly, as I was walking, I saw the moon! Woah! Beautiful moon, it was around 6:00AM. Good thing I brought my camera and my classmate's tamron lens. So I took a photo of the moon.

Your settings should be:
1. Fast shutter speed - Around 1/200th or greater. This is to avoid blur.
2. Large Opening of Aperture - I think I usually use f11.
3. ISO - 200 or lower. If your hands always shake and you always destroy your photo, you should sacrifice your ISO. What I mean is you should get your ISO higher because you will be adjusting your shutter speed much faster.

Note: The greater the number of your ISO, the more grains or noise will appear in your photo.

So, after we take a photo of the moon using the longest focal length of our lens, we can now import our photos into Adobe Lightroom, or you can just use photoshop if you're pro with it. :P

And then, Crop your photo, since I'm again a merely poor-wanna-be-not-talented-young-photographer slash a teenager with a dslr, I just crop my photo to make the subject larger. :) So therefore, if you have a great camera/latest camera, then you are so blessed, it means you can have a high resolution photo. Going on, after cropping, adjust your exposure if needed, the clarity, hue, saturation.

And lastly, the most important 'thang' is adjusting the crispiness xD a.k.a sharpness of our photo, just like this:
Note: Adding sharpness in our photo is adding noise at the same time, that's why I recommended you a while ago to use less number of ISO so that you can add more sharpness without adding more grains or noise.

So, that's all! You can now export your picture and share it to the world!

Here are my other photos:
click em to enlarge

sharing is sexy, so share it!

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Manual PCB Etching Tutorial

Tuesday, December 20, 2011 Posted by Glenn Von Posadas 0 comments

Manual PCB(non-photoresist) Etching Tutorial (and building circuit)
by Glenn Posadas :PPP

Since its Christmas Break, we have no classes and I can't help my classmates, so I decided to make a tutorial thru this website.
Let us begin, shall we?

(click the image to enlarge)

1. Ferric Chloride - Any type of Ferric Chloride. Liquid or Solid will do. I use liquid over the granules because it removes the copper in my pcb slower. One of the advantages of this liquid Ferric Chloride is that (like what I've said a while ago) it dissolves the copper slower, and so we can easily witness how the Ferric Chloride removes our Mark(lines made with pentel pen). If we use the granules, it will dissolve the copper faster, thus we might not notice that our lines are already gone.

2. Mini Drill - Use for making holes in our PCB (captain obvious eh?)

3. Masking Tape(paper tape)- Use for covering extra spaces in our PCB.

4. Marker - Any type of marker will do, as long as the tip of your marker is small. Well, I prefer to use the BIC. See the photo below. Or you might want to use the extra Fine DVD Marker.

5. PCB (of course)

6. Tupperware

7. Alcohol - Any type of alcohol will do. Isopropyl, ethyl, or whatever. :P We will use this in removing our marks.

8. Rag

9. Cell Phone - or any type of music source. :P hehehe

After collecting such materials, we can now etch our PCB. By the way, let us first make holes in our pcb and then route it manually using our makers.

This is my drilled PCB(front view)

Next step:

After pouring some ferric chloride, throw your pcb into the tupper ware baby! hahaha!~
AND SHAKE IT THOROUGHLY. If you won't shake it, then, nothing will happen I suppose. The ferric chloride won't dissolve your copper.

OOPS! Don't watch out! cause your marks might disappeared and so will the copper below such lines. In this case, get your pcb. Ferric Chloride won't kill you if you touch it, unless you put your finger into your mouth. lols. Put on some marks again and then throw it again into the tupperware xD. Don't forget to use your rag instead of your shirt. xD

And after doing this step until all coppers without marks are gone, put some alcohol into your rag then rub it on your pcb.

(This is my design after etching. Half of the marks are gone :P thanks to isopropyl)

Okay, finally we can now solder the ICs, and etc.. into our pcb

First, we need these materials in soldering:

1. Soldering Iron

2. Soldering Paste

3. Soldering ___ -lol I forgot the yellow thing in the photo.

4. Soldering Pb - Soldering Lead. There are two sizes of lead I use. Well, I prefer the smaller one.

OOPS! By the way, You should have the STAND! oh yeah! Soldering Iron Stand.

ITS WORKING! :P No errors.


Note: If your circuit has errors, then you should check:
1. The routing of your circuit (lol, I experienced it a while ago. And I was like fufufufufufuf )
2. The leads. (check em out nigga, you should clean your circuit)
3. The ICs and other materials.
4. The Power Source

My hand


That's all peeepeeeepepepepepeps~~~~!!!

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Facebook Timeline 2012 Will Now Be Implemented

Thursday, December 15, 2011 Posted by Glenn Von Posadas 1 comments

SAN FRANCISCO - Facebook on Thursday (Friday in Manila) began transforming profile pages into interactive digital scrap books that let members of the world's leading online social network tell the stories of their lives.

The "Timeline" design rolled out on Thursday was unveiled at a Facebook developers conference in September and came with a new class of "open graph" applications that let people discover and share music, movies, books and news.

"Timeline gives you an easy way to rediscover the things you shared, and collect your most important moments," Facebook said in a blog post announcing that the change is available to its more than 800 million members.

"It also lets you share new experiences, like the music you listen to or the miles you run."

Timeline visually graphs Facebook posts based on when they were uploaded, letting people look back at pictures from special events, memorialized accomplishments, pithy text exchanges and other posts from various points in their lives.

After upgrading to Timeline, people will have seven days to privately review and edit how it will be viewable by friends at the social network before it automatically goes live online.

"Your new timeline will replace your profile, but all your stories and photos will still be there," Facebook said.

Tools allow Facebook users to hide posts they don't want included in timelines or change settings regarding which of their friends or associates can see posts. — Agence France Presse

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My Padi's Point Experience

Saturday, December 10, 2011 Posted by Glenn Von Posadas 0 comments

Friday Night: December 9, 2011, after ng pag-cover ng debut ni Grace, siyempre may pera na ako pag after ng debut na pinupuntahan ko, so may panlibre ako. Since sarili kong pera ang gagastusin ko, at hindi ko ito ipon galing sa allowance na binibigay ni mommy, walang pakundangan ko itong ginastos, I mean binawasan. Sabi ko sa friend kong si Julian, "Tara inom tayo". (lol, actually, hindi ko gusto ang lasa ng kahit na anong alak. Gross! xD. Umiinom ako pag may okasyon, well, depende sa okasyon at kung may mga chix. :P...) So pumayag si Julian, (note: lalaki si julian ah).

Sabi ko try namin sa Padi's. Kahit tig-isang inumin lang kami. So we went to nearest Padi's point branch which is Monumento Branch. Pag pasok ko, feel na feel ng punyetang guard na kapkapin ang bag ko na malaki dahil punong puno ng gamit ko sa photography. At gusto pang buksan yung bag na maliit na nasa loob ng bag kong malaki. Napakalandi. Ang akala e masama akong tao. Mas mukha pa nga siyang manyakis kesa sakin. :)))) Ano nga ba ang konek ng pagiging manyak o malibog sa pagkapkap ng bag? :DDDD lols. Anyways, so pasok na kami. ENTRANCE FEE: 30 PHP bawat ulo (per head). So kung wala kang ulo, then free ka na. hehehe. Ang inorder namin ni Julian ay dalawang Red Horse na maliit, *70 petot isa, so 140 petot dalawa*. Ginto ano? Wait, nga pala, takte yung waitress namin. xD. Kung makabulong sakin parang gustong ipasok yung dila sa tainga ko. Hahaha! Anyways, gusto ko yun. :P Dinidikit kasi yung lips sa tainga ko. Ewan ko. Malakas kasi ang sounds e. So ayun, dinikit din dibdib sakin. Kung itatanong nyo kung maganda yung babae, ahmm, no comment. Tapos, while umiinom, masid masid sa loob. May na-spot-an kami na naghahalikan, matabang babae at isang tomboy na maliit. Wala lang. enjoy ako! hahahha. Live Show. lols. Tapos isang lalaki na may kasamang bored na bading. Alam nyo na kung bakit bored. lols. Tapos taposna! Probably this December 15, isasama ko ang ibang barkada. Kahit ganito kami ng barkada namin, aba, nag-aaral kaming mabuti. :) Ganito dapat friends nyo. Kahit malilibog hahaha, e nag-aaral namang mabuti, matatalino at grade conscious. :)

PICTURE NI JULIAN, Katapat ko. Photo shows Julian watching live show xD.

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Best Friendship Story

Posted by Glenn Von Posadas 1 comments

Haaist :( Nakaka-sad no? Very Touching. Salamat sa taong nag-post nito sa 9gag. FRIENDSHIP IS ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IN OUR LIVES! Sarap magkaroon ng kaibigan na ganito! Kababata! :)

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My McDelivery Experience

Posted by Glenn Von Posadas 0 comments

11:00AM Nagising ako, eh kasi galing ako sa Padi's Point (read my Padi's Point Experience) so 2am na ako nakarating sa bahay ko. Before my Padi's Point, nag-shoot muna ako ng debut ni Grace. Wala pa yung photos kasi after prelim exams ko pa ieedit. Anyways, so ayun nga nagising ako. Then nagcomputer at ginawa ang autocad assignment ng 1hour. Gutom na ako, sabay dumating ang mga pinsan ko. Ayaw ko ng kumain kasi ang daming tao, and I hate it. :DDDD So bandang 3PM umorder ako ng McDo. Nung first time kong mag-order, hindi dumating kasi daw ewan. xD.
Then this day, dumating na siya! wooohoo!

3PM ako nag-order. I don't know exactly what time, basta bandang 3PM yun. And then pumunta ako sa website na www.nyan.cat . Haha. Nakaka 2500 seconds na ako, wala pa din ang McDo. Anyways, naka P220.00 ako.
Yung mga inorder ko ay nasa picture. :)

Tapos, birthday pala ngayon ng lola ko. xD. So alam nyo na, may handaan. Haay, ang tanga ko. hehehe.
Sayang. Busog na ako. xD. so tinago ko nalang muna sa ref yung mga inorder ko.

Nga pala, wala pang isang oras, andito na ang McDo. 30 to 40 minutes yata ang delivery. Caloocan North ako, malay ko kung saan galing yung nagdeliver.
Haaist, first time. hahaha! Saya. Maganda sana kung nakatambay kami ng future-girlfriend ko sa bahay nila or bahay namin tapos oorder kami ng McDo habang nanonood ng movie. :) O kaya ng barkada. :D

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