How to Remove Virus in your Removable Disk without Anti Virus

Sunday, April 17, 2011 Posted by Glenn Von Posadas

How to Remove Virus in your Removable Disk, especially your USB Flash drive WITHOUT USING ANTI VIRUS

1.Hold shift key then continuously press another shift key when inserting your flash drive...(this is to avoid autoplaying/autoread of flash drive)

2.Open Run Then type in the word cmd..press enter key

3.type your flash drive letter then followed by a colon then press enter key..for example: d:

4. Type attrib then..,,if you see a "ASHR" or "SHR" before the document file it means it is the virus itself or an autorun......example:

A S H R autorun.exe

5.next step is to unhidden the infected file or virus itself...type in:
attrib(space)-a(space)-s(space)-h(space)-r(space)then the infected file or the virus example;
attrib -a -s -h -r autorun.exe

6.then next step is to delete....type:
del -a -s -h -r autorun.inf

TIP: If you still have no idea on how to do this hack, click here to go to the part 2 where I posted some screenshots and example there.

WARNING: You may want to do this process into your hard disk, HOWEVER, you shall be careful and knowledgeable enough about the important files in your hard disk. If you accidentally remove some important files in your hard disk, your system will not start anymore.

-glenn posadas

glenn von

Author: Glenn Posadas

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