A dirty house becomes my Studio

Thursday, May 19, 2011 Posted by Glenn Von Posadas

My mom owns another house (Im not quite sure in this). Such house is so dirty that I had to invite my two friends (marvin and carla) to clean it. It took us 3 days to finish painting and cleaning. I have to use my 12volts dc battery in order to produce electricity there, that house is haunted ok? meaning it has no power outlet.

Anyways, check out this photos of us. It was a sudden funshoot. After painting, bam! shoot!

click the photos to enlarge

I like these 4 photos. :) ok pals, that's all.

glenn von

Author: Glenn Posadas

20 year old 5th year Computer Engineering Student, a blogger, photographer, programmer, and an electronics hobbyist; a Christian who loves God very much..

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  1. yan dapat ang head dress na sinuot nung mga dugong bughaw sa wedding nina philip at kate! hahaha. para agaw eksena talaga. lels. @_@

  2. fuck the royal wedding bro. :)) wahaha. waley ako pakels dun sa dalawang kinasal. haghaha


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