Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3.2 REAL CD serial keys

Thursday, November 3, 2011 Posted by Glenn Von Posadas

You don't have to download cracks from fake websites on the internet, just copy one of these serial keys and then paste on your LR Installer.
If your Lightroom is version 2.2, then you should go here. CLICK HERE.










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Author: Glenn Posadas

20 year old 5th year Computer Engineering Student, a blogger, photographer, programmer, and an electronics hobbyist; a Christian who loves God very much..

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  1. Anonymous

    Its working!Youre a genius,thanks a lot! :)

  2. no problem dude >.<

  3. hello,where can i find the link for downloading the adobe lightroom 3.2? and this serial #s, i will use it upon installing?

  4. @maldita - sorry very late reply, you can download the adobe lightroom either from the adobe website or on any torrent sites.


  5. Anonymous
  6. Thanks Bddy It works fyn :) #Genius

  7. Sinzee

    Thanks! It really worked..

  8. Thanks bruh!! I'ts working :)

  9. CD key works, thanks. Want to share with you great guide about using Lightroom photo editing software http://hdrprograms.com/ there are a lot of useful tips and tricks for newbies and for advanced users.

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