Thursday, March 17, 2011 Posted by Glenn Von Posadas 0 comments

I've learned something after my neighbor brought her laptop to me. She wanted me to remove the virus in her laptop.
The name of the virus that i have found is: update.exe
It is a virus, a trojan virus that makes a folder named "winivid.exe" in your flash drives and adds a .exe program in your folder. When you click a folder in a flash drive came from her infected laptop, your computer will suddenly be affected too.

So, how do we stop the virus process using msconfig?

Step 1: Click Start>>click Run>>type MSCONFIG.

Step 2: Press Enter. The System Configuration Utility box will appear and click on Services tab.

Step 3: Find the "dupdate.exe" and "update.exe" and another "update.exe"

Step 4: Uncheck the box of the three .exe processes.

Step 5: Click apply and click close then reboot your computer.

Note: The virus is still there. You may find the update.exe virus in your C: local settings folder and delete it after you close the process in your computer by pressing CTR+ALT+DELETE.
I find this process helpful.

Good Luck and cheers!

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