Beryl take 2 Photoshoot in my studio

Thursday, June 9, 2011 Posted by Glenn Von Posadas 0 comments

Ok, here are my photos from our last photoshoot (taken yesterday)
model: beryl (this is her my 2nd time)
mua/hmua: herself (so please understand if you find her hair 'not so' beautiful as well as her make-up)
It was really hard because (like what I've said in my previous posts) there's no power supply in my studio.lol.

here's the bts.


and here are some of the photos.




that's all


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It is hard to be a poor photographer

Sunday, June 5, 2011 Posted by Glenn Von Posadas 1 comments

For me, having limited gears in photography is like uhmmm a painter having only black and white water color. lol Lemmie enumerate my gears for you.

Camera: Nikon D40

This camera is cool. I'm fine with it. I bought it last 2 or 3 years for P24,000.00 I think. A gift from my step dad. Like what I've said, I 'm cool with this camera, BUT, a very big butt i mean but, it has a limited function. No bracketting exposure, no live view, no video, no built-in motor for AF lens. SAD. what I want to buy is the Nikon D90. But that is merely a DREAM for me


Speedlights/Flashes: SB-600 and YN460-II

I bought my SB-600 last year, it was a gift from my mother because I had a scholarship in my university. lol. SB-600 costs more than P13,000.00 at that time. And the Yongnuo460-II, I bought it, yeah really, it is because of my sideline (as a debut photographer) lol.
It costs P3,500.00 as far as I know. SB-600 is great for me, I use this as my main light. On the other hand, the YN460-II by Yongnuo is much cheaper than the SBs from nikon. IF only I can get in the past, I won't buy the Nikon SB-600. I would still prefer the Yongnuo. I suggest you guys buy Yongnuo flashes if you don't use TTL or TTLbl. I use the YN460-II merely as a slave flash. It's great and cheap! These 2 lights are not enough for me. I will buy another Yonguo flash if there will be a 2 debutant who will choose me as their photographer.

I am a dreamer, merely a guy who dreams everyday. I always say to myself, "WHAT IF... I got my dream lenses?"
By the way, you might saying to yourself at this time, "man, gears in photography doesn't really matter". Well, I say to you, "fake you!" haha. You don't know how it feels to be a poor photographer. I have to work, I mean, I have to chase a 17 year old woman who is going to be 18 soon. In short, I have to cover a debut in order for me to save money for my dream gears.

My dream lenses are:

1. Nikkor 35mm f1.8 - God, give me this lens and I will do my very best to glorify your name thru photography. Well, I have a 50mm 1.8 now, but damn!, it is not okay with me. It is an AF lens. Meaning, it isn't autofocus when it comes to my Nikon D40 camera. I need an AF-S lens. huhu. Well, this lens worth more or less P11,000.00.

2. Tamron 70-300mm with Macro - When shooting a debut, I always borrow this lens from my friend. lol. But I really wanted to buy this lens just for me, I do not want to borrow anymore. I'm sick of it. lol.

Now, I'm really into portraits. I'm shooting people you know. I do not own a studio. But I dream of that everyday. This month, I was really busy with cleaning the other house of my mother and we painted the walls with white color as well as black to serve as a background. But even buying a paint for my so-called tambayan/studio is hard for me. lol. My only hopes to receive my dream lenses (either of the two) are these:

  • Pray to God; and
  • Study hard(again?) to receive a scholarship this semester

I beg you Jesus! ^_^.
that's all.

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