Facebook Porn Issues by Filipinos

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If you are a concerned Filipino, please share this message to your friends.

Mark Zuckerberg – CEO of Facebook released an online statement regarding the spreading porn pics and spams. Released November 16, 2011 9PM Pacific Time Zone.

The porn attacks originated in the Philippines and are being published by Filipinos all over Facebook, our experts here at Facebook are doing everything they can to stop it from spreading any further (outside the Philippines) and to eliminate the porn and spam threat completely which have been causing other Facebook users ‘a hard time’. Filipinos should also be vigilant and report any spam links and pornographic materials. 41% of Facebook members around the world are aged 12-17 years old, we cannot be exposed to this kinds of things through Facebook. If this continues and more spams keep being posted, we will have no choice but to ban Philippine users from using Facebook. We at Facebook will not tolerate outlandish behavior and indecency.

Please be reminded that this has to stop.

I have noticed that most people in Facebook are posting pornography photos, sharing them which is bullcrap. If Apnea is a sincerely law-abiding citizen (despite being an alt-porn model), why can’t Filipinos do the same? C’mon, we’re always the target when it comes to sex. Foreigners go to the Philippines not only to tour around, but also because of sex.

This didn’t happen before. Unfortunately, since these porn thing went viral and shit, I think there’s something that we really have to do. Don’t just sit there and drool over these porn photos, you think it’s funny? Sharing pornographic material is really a sign of disrespect towards other people. Everything that is related to violence and porn, they’re just sick.

Pornography is not for general viewing

Basically, pornography is one of the social issues in the Philippines. If FHM is pornographic, Playboy’s worse. MAXIM isn’t bad, but it’s still for the matured people. Hentai, however, is alright since Japanese culture thinks that hentai is for entertainment. Why, do you think being a gravure idol is indecent? Malicious? Porn? If Japanese pop culture thinks that this is normal, what about the others? Of course, it’s malice. Malice, like everyone’s showing their kids pornography, which is again, indecent.

I really don’t know what to say, but let’s just hope that there are a handful who will report these photos…

Here’s another… warning

Pornbook. The CEO of Facebook warn us about this pornographic issues. By us means, We the Philippines, their data has been check and all the pornographic issues are being publish by us.. Filipinos.. If we continue this behavior, Facebook will ban Philippines.

Facebook currently has 4 VIRUSES:

1. If you get a notice of a PHOTO TAG. Do not open it.

2. If you get a notification that a friend reported you for offensive behavior etc. Do not open it.

3. Is a Video saying 99% of People can not watch this for more the 15 Sec. Do not open it is also a virus.

4. All Messages from your friends via chat saying click this link. Do not open! These are BAD ones and will crash your computer.

Share and warn friend.

WARNING.PLEASE LISTEN UP! HACKERS ARE BUSY ON FACEBOOK AGAIN! They post some insulting messages on the wall of your friends with your regards, without you knowing about it. If you receive one of those messages in my name, it wasn’t me posting them. Put this on your wall and warn your friends. Also, DONT open the video about a guy with a BIG ZIT. It is a virus. Share the news.


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We promise to provide you the exact link(s) where we have found this article the soonest time possible. Give us some time to retrieve the exact link. Thank you for your kind understanding. This message may not be true, but we still have to avoid exploiting our nude photos on facebook, let us keep it private since facebook has given us the chance to set our album “Private” or “Public”.

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I miss the old photography

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True :(. please spread!

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