DJ Mo Twister and Rhian Ramos Abortion

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DJ Mo Twister and Rhian Ramos Abortion CONFIRMED!!!


"ITS 28TH OF JULY 2010, Initial TIME IM Performing THIS. I Do not EVEN KNOW WHY. UM, Perhaps 1 DAY You will View THIS. Simply to Keep in mind HOW Terrible OF Each day It's. YOURE IN SINGAPORE, You have BEEN CRYING ALL Night Simply because TOMORROW Early morning, YOU AND RHIAN WILL Visit THE HOSPITAL Right here And obtain RID OUR Child. IT Does not Make a difference NAMAN WHAT I Consider IT Simply because THIS WAS HER Option. I Do not Understand how Lengthy You will Maintain THIS Like a SOUVENIR, BUT This really is THE Check. (WHISPER) This really is Incorrect. This really is THE Toughest Factor (CRYING) This really is THE Toughest Factor You have GONE Via Prior to AND You have GONE Via SO A lot. AND WE Need to BLAME OUR Work FOR THIS? THIS Business THAT JUDGES YOU FOR THESE Issues. THIS Company HAS Produced HER Think THAT WE Need to Consider THE Lifestyle OF OUR Personal Kid Simply because Nobody WILL FORGIVE HER FOR THIS. This Task WILL Wreck HER, SO WE AGREED THAT We would Arrive Right here And obtain IT Carried out. Simply because YOU Adore HER And also you JUST WANT HER To become Alright. ITS NOT LIKE RHIAN IS Getting AN Simple TIME With this particular As well. ITS Difficult ON ALL OF US. SHE Stated 1 DAY We'll SEE THIS Once more. AND Perhaps OUR Work Will probably be A bit Little bit Simpler AND Much more ACCEPTING About this. 1 DAY You will Appear AT THIS Video clip, twenty Many years FROM NOW, I Do not EVEN KNOW In the event you WILL Nonetheless BE Collectively AND It'll Nonetheless Harm. It'll Nonetheless Harm LIKE HELL. (CRYING). You will BE SORRY FOR THIS YOUR Entire Lifestyle. I will BE SORRY FOR THIS MY Entire Lifestyle. IM SORRY For your Poor Option We're ABOUT To create. ITS Difficult FOR Each OF US. No one Desires To complete THIS. I understand OTHER Celebs Happen to be In a position to Be successful Following THIS Issue, IF It's EVEN An issue, I Do not KNOW IF It is An issue. BUT You realize, HER Mother and father ARE Difficult ON HER. HER STATION, HER CHANNEL, HER Supervisor Is really Difficult ON HER THAT It's Produced HER Really feel THAT Getting THIS Child, Is simply NO OTHER Choice. I understand RHIAN IS Youthful. Perhaps 1 DAY WHEN We are OLDER, WHEN She's OLDER, THAT WE WONT Need to GO Via THIS. I Do not BLAME HER. THE Stress ON HER Is really Excellent. THAT I understand SHE Seems like SHE HAS NO Option. SO This really is NOT YOUR FAULT RHIAN. ITS NOT. I Understand how Difficult It's To become YOU IN Right here, Within this Scenario. ITS JULY 28, 2010 AND IM SITTING Within THE Resort. THE RITZ-CALRTON IS SINGAPORE AND We have BEEN Combating ALL Evening ABOUT THIS. IM Performing MY Greatest TO Attempt to Maintain YOU Secure. AND All of this Combating IS Using A TOLL ON US. I Want WE Might have THIS Kid. I Do not Wish to Do that. THIS Task Is really Challenging. ITS SO Challenging. IM SO SORRY. I will BE SORRY Permanently. Once more, 1 DAY You will View THIS. Perhaps WHEN YOURE AN Previous Guy. You will Keep in mind HOW Challenging These days WAS. AND I HOPE YOU View THIS AND I HOPE BY That point I will BE MARRIED AND I will Possess a Family members THAT I CAN Attempt to Allow it to be As much as. YOURE Heading To complete Some thing Truly Incorrect These days. IM SORRY FOR THAT. This really is Company Is really SO Difficult. THIS Company Is really Difficult ON ITS Workers. I suppose ALL Companies ARE. I Do not KNOW. ITS OUR FAULT I understand. WE CANT Truly BLAME OUR Work Simply because OTHER Individuals DID IT. BUT UM, I UNDERSTAND

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Piolo is a damn gay

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November 27, 2011, nakita nating lahat na umiyak si KC Concepcion sa The Buzz exclusive interview with Boy Abunda.

Wait, minsan, hindi ko alam kung paano ko masasabi na nagpapanggap lang na nasasaktan ang isang artista lalo na ang magaling na artista, kasi artista nga eh, malay ba nating ang mga luha na inilalabas nila ay FAKE! haha. Magagaling kaya silang mag-drama.

Going on, darn, ang ganda ni KC. Dati hate ko yun, wala lang. hahaha. Hate ko lang mga artista eh. Pero ngayon lang ako nagandahan sa kanya. She has no make-up dun sa interview. Lupet, maganda pa din. (eh yung mga babaeng tadtad ng make-up? duh. hahaha. daig pa kayo ni <3 KC). Oh? Paano ko nasabing bakla si Piolo? hahaha. Wala lang. Diba dati pa itong isyu na ito? Nasabi ko lang na bading talaga si PJ kasi pinaiyak niya si KC. :(. Sabi ni KC, hindi daw niya nahanap ang natural na hinahanap ng isang babae sa kanyang boyfriend. Haha. Well, I though lahat na nakay Piolo. Hmmm? Ano kaya yung hinahanap ni KC? Baka na sa akin yun? joke! Hindi ko naman pwedeng sabihin na hindi marunong humalik si PJ, lols, artista yan, mas magaling pa mag-kiss yan sa mga pornstars(ano daw?) Naka 8th Chance di-umano si Piolo ayon kay KC bago sila nag-break. Imagine, ang bobo ni Piolo no? hahaha

Well, ito lang ang last na masasabi ko, bugok si PJ. Sayang si KC. If I were PJ, darn, papakasalan ko na si KC. She's an Ideal Girl. Nasakanya na ang lahat. Wealth, Brains, Beauty, Sexiness. Arggg. Bading ka PJ, bading bading. Pinapaiyak mo ang babae :( huhuhu
@KC-> hintayin mo ang paglaki ko. wahahahha. lols

Share ko lang. Alam kong wala lang to. hahaha. Wala lang talaga. lol. Walang kwentang video.

That's all.

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