Celebrities Without Makeup

Thursday, February 16, 2012 Posted by Glenn Von Posadas

Celebs Without Makeup

article from therichest.org

Take a look at these celebs without makeup and be thankful that you don’t have paparazzi following you around to take pics of you at your worst (or an editor that makes you post photos of yourself without makeup, whatever).

What do you think, should these stars stick with their natural look all the time? I think some of them could totally pull it off.

Kristen Stewart without makeup

Kristen Stewart’s skin is downright amazing, but it’s somewhat comforting to see the dark circles around her eyes. Maybe one too many late nights with the “Twilight” vampires? Oh, come on, you were thinking it too.

Kate Winslet without makeup

No unsightly blemishes for Kate Winslet, just a few forehead lines. Sigh, I guess some people really are perfect.

Amanda Seyfried without makeup

It’s refreshing to see a celebrity like Amanda Seyfried with a little redness in her skin tone. This is pretty much what I look like before I apply foundation.

Katie Holmes without makeup

Even with a few pimples and some shine Katie Holmes is beautiful. Some girls have all the luck.

Naomi Watts without makeup

OK, so Naomi Watts appears to be wearing mascara (unless her lashes really are that long and dark, which would be so unfair), but her skin looks foundation free. Close enough for us.

Molly Sims without makeup

Molly Sims looks like she may have spent too much time in the sun as a kid. She’s got some sunspots and uneven skin tone to show for her potential days on the beach. This is a well-known occupational hazard for bikini models.

Madonna without makeup

To be fair, the wet/greasy hair isn’t helping Madonna much. She actually looks pretty good for her age, although it’s a far cry from her overly-airbrushed ads.

Jessica Alba without makeup

Again, Jessica Alba seems to be wearing a teensy bit of eye makeup, but her skin looks freshly scrubbed. Apparently she goes to the Kate Somerville spa in Los Angeles to take care of her gorgeous skin. I wonder if they could squeeze me in for an appointment …

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