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Thursday, March 15, 2012 Posted by Glenn Von Posadas

Yesterday, I saw a post on 9gag.com about a grand mom who has an internet speed of 40Gbit/s. Wow. That's fascinating. So I did a research about the internet speed. I found an article from techmaish.com. HERE:


Maximum Speed = 25-30Mbit

Wired Ethernet

Maximum Speed 1000Mbits

Satalite Internet

Maximum Download Rate = 1 Gbps

Average Download Rate = 1Mbps

Average Upload Rate = 256kbps

According to SpeedTest.net

maximum internet speed Maximum Internet Speed Available in the World

Another clue that i found on the web about maximum internet speed is that: (from amit agarwal)

Scientists have set a new world record for data transmission by transferring a data rate of 2.56 Terabit per second over a glass fibre link of 160 km length.

2,560,000,000,000 bits are equivalent to the contents of 60 DVDs.

By comparison, the fastest high-speed links currently carry data at a maximum 40 Gbit/s, or around 50 times slower.

The research was carried out at Fraunhofer Institute which also developed computers with Emotion sense.

It means maximum internet speed is 40 Gbit/s

Still it is not clear that what is the maximum internet speed available in the world. Only government agencies and military can answer this question, because they uses internet for defense purposes.

If any one can better answer this question, then feel free to share a solid proof with us so that we can know about maximum download and upload speed currently available in the world.

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  1. I wonder where the Philippines ranks in this list... thanks for sharing!

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