First Outdoor Photoshoot

Tuesday, April 10, 2012 Posted by Glenn Von Posadas

"Yung mga hindi mautos-utusan ng mga magulang kahit sandali, mamamatay din sila balang araw. Tang ina!". That's my reaction for tonight. Fuck all the people who are lazy when it comes to following their parents. Damn.
Anyways, actually, this isn't my first outdoor shoot, I've been shooting in outdoor for thrice. My first two photoshoot in outdoor, all of them was merely a trash. lol. yep, a trash. This time, I have pushed my luck in shooting at University of the Philippines Diliman with Tina as my model and Peghie as my bestfriend and assistant. :)) Choosing your assistant is indeed important, you should choose an assistant who has a humor. lol. Who makes you as well as your model laugh everytime. :))

Going on, we went to UP at exactly 3:00pm. I texted my model to come to our spot at 3:00pm onwards. Then she came. darn. hahaha. Failed, Why? I didn't know what the hell I was thinking. The sun was still too high, I can feel its ultra violet rays biting my skin. hahaha.

I have read some tips on the internet that perhaps we photographers should bring some pen and notebook in order for us to take some notes about the time and for other random things that would help us in our next shoot. So, as far as I remember, I began taking snaps of Tina at exactly 4:30pm. The best time for me in the afternoon to have a shoot is 5:00 to 6:00pm :)

After the shoot, I downloaded and watch some tutorial in portrait workflow in adobe photoshop cs5. Then applied it in my shots. Here are the sample:

DSC_4219-Edit DSC_4192-Edit 


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