Manila Now and Then

Wednesday, April 11, 2012 Posted by Glenn Von Posadas

Manila Bay in 1920s:
Taft Venue in mid 30s:
Escolta Street 1940s:
Quezon Boulevard 1942:
Manila 1950s:
Manila 1960s:
Luneta Park 1960s:
Quiapo Church 1960s:
Dewey Boulevard 1965 (now Roxas Blvd):
Escolta 1968:
CCP 1970s
A bus from 1983 :)
Rizal Park:

(note: These photos are from jnienna)
Haaay, Manila WAS indeed beautiful before our time. DAFUQ. What happened to the capital of the Philippines?
Let us emphasize the picture of quiapo. Darn. In every part of that particular place, you can see many people including the muslims, selling some random shit stuffs. Oh wait, I can't blame them, its because of $#@$ poverty, right!right!right! Shhhh. I know. But in fact, I can blame them. First thing first, why do people go and engage in sex if they know they can't even feed themselves? F*ck logic. Dude, that's why there are so many people here in this cUNTry. Anyway, you can see in the photos above that the old city had no POLLUTION, POPULATION, HAD LOTS OF TREES and yea, just like my source said, "THERE WERE WIDE SIDEWALKS".

Wala na tayong magagawa pa sa mga nagaganap ngayon, ang magagawa lang natin ay tumulong upang hindi na madagdagan ang mga nakasisirang bagay sa ating bansa ;)

glenn von

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  1. Your city is beautiful. Oh, and the beetle police car is kinda cute

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