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Wednesday, May 23, 2012 Posted by Glenn Von Posadas

Hi folks, I've been busy with Visual Basic.Net 2008 these past few weeks and I almost forgot to make tutorials  on Assembly Language Programming for 8086 microprocessors. I will make first video tutorials and then proceed to my tutorial # 3 which is all about the printing of strings (basically the hello world) in assembly language 8086.

Going on... Making a calculator using the VB.Net is easy and hard. Lol. Yeah, its up to you if you want to make it a perfect program. In order for you to have an idea what is a perfect calculator, see the Calculator of Windows Operating System. Just click the START Button and then search or run "CALC". Basically, such calculator has a KeyDown Function (which allows the user to merely use the numpad to input numbers as well as the operations and perfectly has no bugs!)

Anyway, this calculator has an idea came from PsychoCoder of DIC Forum. And all of his readers know that there are some bugs in his program. I tried my best to debug it. You can't enter "0.5" in his program, I don't know why, I just manipulated some of his codes in "." button and "0" button.

Also, I tried my best to include a keydown function in my program, unfortunately, I wasn't able to do it. Its just so ughhhh hard? I tried every possible way that I've searched.

And CLICK HERE to download the whole program w/ source codes.


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