How to display characters in seven segment display automatically

Tuesday, July 24, 2012 Posted by Glenn Von Posadas

Display characters in 7 segment display using flipflops automatically triggered by the 555 timer
article by: Glenn Von C. Posadas

Its been a long time since I last posted a topic or an article here in my blog. Anyway, let's go directly to my new project, a 7 segment display; D - RS - JK - T flipflops and 555 Timer Clock Integrated Circuit application.

Last summer (summer of 2012 to be exact), I was wondering, how am I suppose to do such project? Triggering or giving inputs to a circuit automatically. Of course I thought that I will be needing a 555 timer IC, by the way, a 555 IC, is of course a Dual-in Line Package integrated circuit that helps us to build a clock which of course again can generate a clock pulse. Also, such IC can be used to make an AM Radio.

There are lots of ways to do this project.
First of all, you can do this by using any microcontroller, it will be a hell much fun than any methods.
Second, you may want to use the easiest method, the magic IC. Its the johnson IC, also known as 4017 CMOS IC.

Going on, in our advanced logic circuits project this semester, our professors gave us this project. woah. My idea was to use flipflops. I used 8 D flipflops and cascaded them since we were restricted to use the magic Johnson IC.

To give you an idea on how I did the project, here is the screenshot for my schematic diagram of my project built in the logisim.

I will later update this topic, I already finished this one in a pcb, but unfortunately laziness strikes again. xD. 
I am so lazy to take a picture of my project. lol

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