How to make Home made Caesar Salad in few easy steps

Saturday, September 8, 2012 Posted by Glenn Von Posadas

Uhmm, I had a quarrel with my ex-friend stupid gay, so I made this caesar salad. lol. What's the point? It doesn't make sense. lololol.

Anyway, I love caesar salad, especially the caesar salad of pizza hut.
so here are the ingredients:
(note: Im not an HRM student or graduate. XD. I am a computer engineering student, and this is my first time, so make no fun of me. hehe)

1. Lettuce - of course. :) Here in the Philippines, you can find it in any branch of SM supermarket. Price ranges from 30 to 50 pesos.

2. Caesar Salad Dressing - if you can make one, then that's cool. But since my budget is tight, as always, I usually buy a ready-made caesar salad dressing.


3. Bacon
4. Cheese - any kind of cheese. :)
5. toasted bread - cubes, I prefer.

so, if you already have these ingredients, I bet you can already make your caesar salad even if you stop reading from here.

annnnnnnddddddddddddd... we're done! :)

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