Interview with an atheist girl

Wednesday, September 5, 2012 Posted by Glenn Von Posadas

kasama si benok dito, nakikichismis lang sa chat namen.

Glenn Von Posadas
ahhhh, atheist ka? 

that's why my quotation marks ako

YesterdayGlenn Von Posadas
oooh. ok ok.
I see. nakitawag ka nalang ng "mama mary." may tanong ako sayo

yup quotation marks included

YesterdayGlenn Von Posadas
may subject kang: "logic and ethics?" or ethics lang?

subject sa school you mean?

YesterdayGlenn Von Posadas
yep. graduate ka na ba?

logic lang meron samin
we tackled some ethics though

YesterdayGlenn Von Posadas
ok sige, may kaunti akong tanong. busy ka ba?

di naman
go on

YesterdayGlenn Von Posadas
saan nagsimula ang lahat?

origin of life ba tinatanong mo?
evolutionist ako

YesterdayGlenn Von Posadas
sige saan nanggaling ang unggoy? hehe.
lahat dapat may pinagmulan.
The universe had a start. what caused it? ^__^

Quantum mechanics main theorem is that everything in the universe is random. Basically, particles can appear from nowhere and disappear into nothing. That's an observed phenomena. It could be that the universe is just a random glitch continuum

YesterdayGlenn Von Posadas
uhmm gerald, sabi mo may logic kang subject. jindi ba nabanggit sainyo ng prof mo na: There are logical reasons to accept the existence of a divine Creator apart from establishing the authenticity of Scripture.

anyway, hindi ako nakikipagdebate. I love having an interview with guys like you

atheist prof namin
well, agnostic
yes people have logical reasons to believe
there are logical reasons not to believe as well
well para sa akin, I don't have to.

YesterdayGlenn Von Posadas
ah, ano kaya tinapos nung prof na yun? xD.
facuase as far as I know, ang mga pinagtuturo sa logic (not logic subjects for engineering) ay yung mga kumuha ng philosophy. ewan ko ah. not so sure. and then kapag nagtapos ng philosophy, may background ka sa logic+theology.
sige, ayun lang. nagtanong lang kaunti. I don't beg you persistently to believe. :)_ just wanted to have a chitchat w/ u

-respect nalang :)/
sige bubyeee

I know
di namn kasi namin natackle deeply yung logic tbh
time constraints pati sa curriculum abnormal
basics lang, di nga namin ntapos curriculum
yung tanong mo, di natanong samin

YesterdayGlenn Von Posadas
ooh I see. diba kagaya nga ng nasabi ko, kagaya ng nasabi ko: lahat ng bagay may pinagmulan. and hindi ko na iqquote: pero ang sabi mo evolutionist ka, hehe, so naniniwala ka na nagmula ang tao sa unggoy at ang sabi mo, ang sinasabi ng quamtum physics/mechanics/theory ay everything comes from nothing. formulas slash principles such as uncertainty principle sa QM exist, so san yang mga formula sa QM nagmula? so basically, and logically lahat may pinagmulan.

multiple pinaniniwalaan ko sa origin
frankly I see it as a happy accident
I just couldn't bring myself to believe creationism
scientific shizz~

YesterdayGlenn Von Posadas
hehe. ok. pro dapat hindi mo kinokontra yung sarili mo. sige ah. kain na ako. kain ka na din

what do you mean kinokontra sarili

- and tha'ts how I finished of our conversation. hehe.
We personally see (kami ni benok at ni kim) that her belief is merely such a twaddle.

Mga nagformulate ng mga equations sa quantum physics, dapat alam nila na may pinagmulan ang pinaggagawa gawa nila. hehe

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