Portrait Photography Tips: Use the sky as your background

Thursday, October 25, 2012 Posted by Glenn Von Posadas

Hi, Last week, I was busy doing my microcontroller project, although Im still on sem break, I just want to learn more things about arduino microcontroller. Anyway, I had to buy 2pcs of CMOS batter 1.5v and make them in series to have a 3volts source for my project. So I needed to go to SM North Edsa, since I have to go to that particular area, I sent a message to my friend ,ehla V. :)) I asked her if she wants to be my subject, fortunately she said sure.

Going on, when I was still in SM, the rain suddenly fell. Geeezzz, and there was no even a bit of sunlight. So what now? I was quite certain that Ehla would like to cancel our shoot just like I did. But when I arrived in UP Diliman, luckily there was no sign of rainfall. >.< So we continued the 2 hour shoot even if I hated it because there was no sunlight.

Her friend suggested to me to try a different angle. To try a worm's eye view. So I placed my flash (with a diffuser, umbrella shoot thru to be specific) beside me, I assume I was 1 meter away from her, and then fired a couple of shots.

BAM! Here's the output. haha. LOL. Of course I developed such photo under the LightRoom Adobe as well as in Photoshop cs5

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