How to kill your program's process in Task Manager (VB.NET/C#) ?

Saturday, December 14, 2013 Posted by Glenn Von Posadas 6 comments

Getting pretty baffled on your C# or vb.NET programs? Your program is in the process in task manager although all of the windows are already closed? I already made several "quite"-big projects in vb.NET and seriously, such problem is really a pain the arse. :) But now, I'm learning C# and currently developing my program called: "Employee Locator v2.0". Anyways, I would like to share this solution that I've recently found out. After an hour, I finally solved my problem haha!

By the way, this program opens first its splashscreen, which of course let the user be informed what is going on in the background. During such duration of splashing such splashscreen, the user can close the program instantly, just like in MS Office 2013. Now, as soon as the user clicks the X button, the program is supposed to be closed and cleared in the Task Manager.

Also, if the main window is to be closed by the user, the program shouldn't be displaying in the Task Manager Processes.
So, after several steps and changing of codes, I finally got the answered. In order to be sure: I executed these two steps:

1. As I've said, if the x button in the splashscreen is clicked, the whole program is killed! --- CHECKED!
2. If the Main Window is closed (X button is clicked), the whole program should also be killed! --- CHECKED!

1. Go to App.xaml, set your shutdownmode: (note that my StartupUri is set to my SplashScreen)


2. In your MainWindow XAML, add this:

Closing="Window_Closing" Closed="Window_Closed"

3. Finally, make a closing handle event in your MainWindow.xaml.cs

       private void Window_Closing(object sender, System.ComponentModel.CancelEventArgs e)

        private void Window_Closed(object sender, EventArgs e)

There are lots of ways to solve this, I know :). In order to be sure and avoid more debugging, I just doubled my event handlers. The Window_Closing and the Window_Closed.

article by: Glenn Posadas

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Best motivation (quote) for those who go to GYM

Tuesday, December 10, 2013 Posted by Glenn Von Posadas 0 comments


So....sometimes laziness strikes me severely. lol. Studies and other stuffs that keep me so busy really hinder me to go to the gym. I can't show you guys right now my THEN and NOW picture. ahahah! Soon I promise! But really, this photo above is very true! right? Sometimes when I just couldn't go to the gym, I feel like my muscles are getting weaker and getting back to its old small form. XD. I tell my classmates, you can't just forget what you've paid in the gym, and what you've lost in that gym to gain some muscle.

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Free Internet for Computers using Android or any cellphones

Posted by Glenn Von Posadas 0 comments

photo courtesy of ABS-CBN news.
Article by: Glenn Posadas

Thanks to the partnership of Globe Telecoms and Facebook, users can now access the Facebook using their Android phones or any mobile phones as long as it provides you a GPRS access.

But apparently, Globe is not smart enough to block all the websites. Wait, what? Yes, Globe can't block other sites (google, yahoo, in fact all websites!!!) unless you are using a mobile phone.

Basically, this blog post aims to tell my readers that we can now have a free internet access until January! But how?
ANSWER: By tethering our Mobile Phones to our PC/Laptop. (NOTE: I use CM Flare v1.0 )

Simple as ABC: just make sure your account or sim card is now available to access and browse the Facebook.
Next is to tether our cellphone to our PC or laptop.
How to tether? Just find it out in Settings of your mobile phone. I don't think tethering is available in iOS. My girlfriend has an ipadMini but I can't find tethering function there.
If the tethering is successful, voila! You can now browse the web. Don't forget to share this and share your speedtest. By the way, the Download/Upload speed doesn't mean you can access or browse a certain website in just a short period of time.

Here is my speedtest result: (anyways, my classmate had 5mbps dl speed but not fast enough to open a website).

additional tags: free internet for android 2013, 2013 free internet for pc desktops, free internet for laptops, free internet using android cellphones 2013, 2013 free internet unlimited android operating system.

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MyPhone IceBerg Complete Official Specs

Tuesday, October 15, 2013 Posted by Glenn Von Posadas 0 comments

myphone has just released their newest (2months ago) ICEBERG phone with a tag of: "Larger than life". I was walking inside a certain branch of puregold in Q.C, in Cubao (I was hesitating to include my location because of privacy issues lol) and then I saw a banner of this ICEBERG in front of a cellphone store. I took some minutes to check the specs of such new smartphone and I was astonished. With P12,000.00 I can actually have an s3 or S4. hehe. Forgive me, I'm not updated with android smartphones now for I am not a fan of such OS. I'm into iOS actually. But I think I really like this phone. Anyways, check their video clip advertisement below.

What I really love about this new smartphone is that it has its so called "TARA".

TARA is an exclusive app for MyPhone users which stands for Theft Apprehension and Asset Recovery Application.

TARA (I saw this and read from the banner that I was saying standing in front of a certain cellphone store) disables the screen as well as protects all the data in case of theft.

The first semester of my last year in the university is near to end. So I was thinking right now what should I get? An iPhone4S? or this one?. I will give it to my ahemmm... future wife hehehe. But thinking the fact that she too is an avid fan of iOS (apple products), I get hesitance in getting this Iceberg. You could help me out by commenting below :)

So here is the Complete and Official Specs of the new myphone ICEBERG:

  • 1.2 GHz Quad Core MediaTek MT6589 Processor, Cortex-A7
  • Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean
  • 5.7 Inch High Definition IPS Display at 720 x 1280 Pixel Resolution or 258 Pixels per Inch
  • Corning Gorilla Glass 2 Scratch Resistant
  • 12 Megapixel Autofocus Rear Camera with LED Flash and BSI
  • 5 MegaPixel Autofocus Front Camera
  • PowerVR Series 5XT GPU
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 16 GB Internal Storage
  • No MicroSD Slot
  • WiFi, WiFi Hotspot
  • Bluetooth and GPS
  • Wireless Display
  • FM Radio
  • Light, Motion, Proximity and Magnetic Sensors
  • 2,600 mAh Li-ion Battery
  • ₱11,988.00

What makes me think to choose this ICEBERG over an iPhone 4s:
1. Cheaper.
2. HIGHER BATTERY ratings! wow!!!!
3. Gorrila Glass 2
4. Quad core processor
5. 1GB RAM
6. High pixels for the Cameras.
-others are cool for me :)

additional tags:official specifications of myPhone IceBerg, new myphone Iceberg, release of Iceberg myphone, Iceberg Myphone Edition, smartphones from myphone.

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Codes for Trapezoidal Rule in C and C++

Posted by Glenn Von Posadas 0 comments

 float fn(float x)  
 return sqrt(x);  
 int i,n;  
 float a,b,s=0,y=0,h;  
 printf("Enter the no of interval =");  
 printf("Enter the lower limit=");  
 printf("Enter the upper limit=");  
 printf("the value of y is=%f",y);  

-this source codes belongs to: the author of wbutassignmenthelp :)
-this source codes is ready for copy-paste to any IDE/compilers for C/C++. The quotations from the original website source confuse the compilers, I've already change them to the original quotation :)
additional tags: trapezoidal rule for C, trapezoidal rule for Cplusplus, C++, codes for Trapezoidal, trapezoidal source codes

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How to compile java codes to .exe

Sunday, September 29, 2013 Posted by Glenn Von Posadas 0 comments

article by: Glenn Posadas
There are basically many ways to convert your Java source file (.java) or Java class file(.class) into an executable program (means double clicking then run or click+return) for windows.

By the way, I use exe4j and jar2exe ;)

One of these ways is by using a software that will convert your source codes into .exe file.
Example of converters you can use:

1. JSmooth
JSmooth is a Java Executable Wrapper. It creates native Windows launchers (standard .exe) for your java applications. It makes java deployment much smoother and user-friendly, as it is able to find any installed Java VM by itself.

Download: CLICK HERE (sourceforge)

2. Launch4j
Launch4j is a cross-platform tool for wrapping Java applications distributed as jars in lightweight Windows native executables. The executable can be configured to search for a certain JRE version or use a bundled one, and it's possible to set runtime options, like the initial/max heap size. The wrapper also provides better user experience through an application icon, a native pre-JRE splash screen, and a Java download page in case the appropriate JRE cannot be found.

Download: CLICK HERE (sourceforge)

3. JexePack
JexePack is a command line tool (great for automated scripting) that allows you to package your Java application (class files), optionally along with its resources (like GIF/JPG/TXT/etc), into a single compressed 32-bit Windows EXE, which runs using Sun's Java Runtime Environment. Both console and windowed applications are supported.

4. exe4j
exe4j is a Java exe maker that helps you integrate your Java applications into the Windows operating environment, whether they are service, GUI or command line applications.

Download: CLICK HERE

5. jartoExe1.8
Jar2Exe is a tool to convert jar files into exe files.

Download: CLICK HERE

Let us convert this java code to .exe program

OUTPUT (in exe):

Please note that you have to locate your JAR file generated by your IDE/JAVA compiler.
In netbeans, right click the project > properties > Packaging > check the "compress jar file".
Jar file will be under your Dist folder.

(3PM, no lunch yet :( damn Java, I almost forgot how to wrap jar to .exe )

additional tags: If I have a Java source file (.java) or class file (.class). How can I convert it to an .exe file?, compile to exe java, java to exe, java to executable for windows, java to program for windows, conver all java codes to .exe form

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A true sad story of one family REPOST

Wednesday, September 18, 2013 Posted by Glenn Von Posadas 1 comments

The lady was once my wife. The picture shows the end our my story but I want to let the world know the beginning of it. We were happily married with one sweet little girl. Like other happy families, we also had dreams.

I supported her dream to go abroad, from Taiwan(came home, with an unfinished contract), to HK to Canada. I loved her and trusted her so much that we ended up using even my inheritance for her to realize her dream. 

Our first time to be apart was difficult. But thanks to technology, with it, we were apart and yet so near. To make the story short, the technology that once making us feel together was the one that parted our ways.  The frequent chats and texts and phone calls became less and less as time went by. 

I tried my best to open the line but it was ignored. In the midst of everything, she even falsely accused me of doing something only to find out that she was the one who was and is in the dark.The picture says it all. Our once happy and intact family is now shattered by her own selfish desire and our dream to be reunited as one family is now gone with her own dreams. Who do you think suffers the most? No one but our innocent sweet Julia.

By the way, there are lots of good things about her too. One thing I will be forever thankful for is that she led me to the CREATOR. With that I can lead our daughter to the right path. To all our friends and relatives, I am sorry for putting this in public. I just don't want to explain to all what had happened and be bombarded with lots of questions. With this, you will know my true story and now it's up to you to know hers.

Please like and share this so that the people, most especially OFW, who have plans to do the same will have something to think about. Always remember that your family back home trusts you, misses you every moment, and wishes for a togetherness. Don't do what my once was a wife had done!

--I've found this letter on facebook. I thought it would help some people, specifically my readers, to realize that betraying isn't such a fcking good thing. People, please take note this: We should not lose our long time happiness just to enjoy the short time happiness.

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How to hide your lastname on Facebook 2013

Sunday, September 1, 2013 Posted by Glenn Von Posadas 0 comments

Article by: Glenn Posadas

Removing the Last Name of yours or hiding it on facebook seems quite impossible, right? Well I have learned this one technique that will let you do that freely.

Apparently, people in Indonesia doesn't have a last name. lol. Just my guess. Anyways, let us go to the purpose of this blog. REMOVING YOUR LAST NAME ON FACEBOOK!


-I am not responsible if someone important is searching for you/your name on facebook.
-This method will surely make the searching query of facebook to find you.
-Note that you can only change your name on facebook THRICE!!!

1. Download this Google Chrome Browser Extension: CLICK HERE!

2. Install the Extension.
3. Go to Facebook. Click the gear icon and then go to ACCOUNT SETTINGS.
Select the Language and change it to BAHASA INDONESIA. Note that you can change it to English again later.

4. Now restart your browser. Close it. Open the Google Chrome again. Do you see the GEOPROXY you've downloaded and installed a while ago? It is located below the CLOSE,MIN.MAXIMIZE buttons.
5. Click it, Select Indonesia and then click SEARCH! Now you have to test each and every PROXY IPs given there. Select one, I recommend starting from the last IP :). After that, restart your browser again and see if you can connect to facebook. If you can, then you are successful!
6. If successful, go to Facebook, remove your Last Name, and then input your password and save changes.

Please do not forget to select GEOPROXY again and click DO NOT USE PROXY. Lastly, restart your browser.

additional tags: how to hide your surname on facebook, how to hide your family name on facebook 2013, how to, how to display only your first name on facebook, how to facebook 2013, facebook hack, facebook secrects, facebook indonesia.

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Types of Encryption and Authentication for WiFi Routers

Sunday, August 18, 2013 Posted by Glenn Von Posadas 0 comments


With this setting enabled the AirStation does not require wireless LAN clients to authenticate. Anyone can connect to your wireless network.

Clients are authenticated in accordance with WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access). A password ("PSK passphrase") is required to log into the wireless network.

Clients are authenticated in accordance with WPA2 (IEEE802.11i). A password ("PSK passphrase") is required to log into the wireless network.

WPA/WPA2 mixedmode - PSK
This setting allows the authentication of WPA-PSK and WPA2-PSK clients at the same time. A password ("PSK passphrase") is required to log into the wireless network.

Specify whether to encrypt wireless signals or not. If the different encryption types are used on the AirStation and the wireless client, they will not be able to communicate.

The wireless signal is not encrypted. Because the contents of your communication may be intercepted, this choice is not recommended.
Encrypt wireless signal with WEP. WEP is a basic encryption standard for wireless LANs.
A WEP encryption key must be entered.
TKIP is a more secure encryption than WEP. It is also slower. Wireless clients will need to support TKIP.
A WPA-PSK (Pre-shared key) must be entered.
AES is even more secure than TKIP and faster than WEP. Highly recommended if your client devices support it.
A WPA-PSK (Pre-shared key) must be entered.
TKIP/AES mixedmode
The Mode supporting both TKIP and AES, can be selected only if [WPA/WPA2 mixedmode] is selected as Authentication.
"WPA-PSK (Pre-shared key)" must be inputted.

WEP Encryption Key
Enter WEP encryption key. The same encryption key must be entered into both the AirStation and the client device or there will be no communication between them.

Specifying the Encryption Method

There are two encryption key lengths (WEP64 and WEP128) for WEP. Effective bit length for encryption key is 40 bit in WEP64 and 104 bit in WEP128. Keys may be entered as either Hex or ASCII, for a total of 4 different ways of entering WEP keys. Default value of input method is "Character input,13 characters (WEP128)". When the input method is changed, encryption key values are cleared.
Character input, 5 character (WEP64)
Enter 5 (case sensitive) alphanumeric characters. Because a 5 character password is easy to crack, this type of key is not recommended.
Character input, 13 characters (WEP128)
Enter 13 (case sensitive) alphanumeric characters.
Hexadecimal number input, 10 digit (WEP64)
Enter a 10 digit HEX as an encryption key. You may use characters 0-9 and a-f. Because a 10 digit password is easy to crack, this type of key is not recommended.
Hexadecimal number input, 26 digit (WEP128)
Enter a 26 digit HEX as an encryption key. You may use characters 0-9 and a-f.

Specifying common keys for sending and receiving

Up to 4 encryption keys can be specified and one of them can be used for both encryption and decryption. (The others are only for decryption). You can select which is the common key for sending and receiving. Click the circle next to the input box of encryption key. Default common key for sending and receiving will be listed first after [Apply] is clicked.

If a wireless LAN device doesn't support multiple encryption keys, it must be set to the common key for sending and receiving (the first key in the AirStation's list).


The default value of the encryption key is blank. When you specify just one (or two, or three) encryption key(s), enter it into to just the 1st (or 1st and 2nd, or 1st, 2nd, and 3rd) box(es) and leave the other boxes blank.

WPA-PSK (Pre-Shared Key)
When TKIP or AES is used as encryption method, a WPA-PSK pre-shared key must be entered. If the same key is not entered into the AirStation and the wireless client, communication will not be established. Specify 8-63 alphanumeric characters or a 64 digit HEX. The default value is blank.

Rekey interval
When using TKIP or AES encryption, the encryption key is changed each "Key Renewal Period". This period can be configured from 0 to 1440 minutes. If 0 is set, the encryption key is not renewed. Default value is 60 minutes.

additional tags: encryption and authentication settings for wifi routers, buffalo router, buffalo help, help in wifi passwords, type of wifi passwords, type of wireless router authentication settings, what should I choose in wifi authentication, wifi encryption details, wifi router authentication and encryption help.

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Buffalo WiFi Router Configuration HELP

Posted by Glenn Von Posadas 0 comments

article by: Glenn Posadas

This post will guide you in setting up your Buffalo Wireless (WiFi) Router. All of the types of authentication and encryption that will be discussed here of course are the same with other brands of wireless/wifi routers. The only difference it is the way we will access the access point or the configuration site of our router.

1) The first thing you want to do is to connect to one of the SSIDs (known as WiFi connection) given by your buffalo router. The default names given by my buffalo router is the 2 SSIDs based on their MAC Address.

My laptop detected this WiFi name: 4CE676166600 
Anyone can connect to this network because in default, its authentication and encryption are open.

2) Second step: Open any browser you like. Type in the address bar this IP: (note that it is for a buffalo wifi router. As I've said, only the encryption and authentication types discussed here will be the same with the other routers). So key in this, in the username field, type: root
small letters only and leave the password field blank, and then press enter.

3)  You will be directed to the Access Point settings of your router. Click Wireless Config > Basic(11n/g/b) / And follow the settings just like the photo given.

You can change the WiFi name. In my SSID1, I have renamed it to www.glennvon.com. In my SSID2, I have renamed it to WELOVEGOD. And so on upto SSID4.

Remember: don't forget to input your Password in the password field, below the encryption type.

So what you should choose in authentication type and in encryption type? CLICK HERE!
The article below discusses the settings in your wifi router.

Basic Wireless Setting(11n/g/b)
You can set basic configuration information for your wireless LAN manually here. If encryption is not used, communication will be established just by this basic setup. Encryption is highly recommended, however.

Wireless Radio
Un-checking "Enable" will disable wireless LAN functionality. When disabled, all wireless functionality, including broadcasting, is halted. Default value is enabled.

Wireless Channel
You may specify a channel (frequency band) for your wireless communication. If there are other wireless clients near the AirStation,you may get interference. Change to a different (and preferably non-overlapping) channel in this case. Available channels vary with which wireless standard you're using. When Auto channel is selected, a vacant channel is selected automatically. 11n/g/b : Auto, 1-11 Channel (Default value : Auto channel)

150Mbps Mode
Wireless communication commonly uses 20MHz per channel.
150Mbps Mode is a method to increase wireless transmission throughput to 40MHz per channel.
When 150Mbps Mode is used, the channel display on the wireless client is likely going to differ from the channel display on the AP.
The wireless client channel display may not display the Control Channel but the center frequency.
In this case, the channel between the Wireless Channel and the Extension Channel is displayed.

Example : When channel 3 is selected as Wireless Channel, and channel 7 is selected as the Extension Channel, channel 5 is displayed.

Band Width
You can select weather 20MHz or 40MHz (150Mbps Mode) are used for wireless communication.
Default value is 20MHz

Extension Channel
When 40MHz has been selected under Band Width, two channels are used. A Control Channel and an Extension Channel.
The Control Channel is specified by the [ Wireless Channel ] setting , and the Extension Channel is specified by the [ Extension Channel ] setting.

Broadcast SSID
Select whether to Enable Broadcast SSID or not.
Default value is "Allow".


When connecting to an AirStation broadcasting its SSID, wireless client devices do not need the SSID entered manually.
Broadcasting your SSID also lets clients detect the best wireless signal level available and connect to it automatically.


To connect to an AirStation where SSID broadcast is disabled, the SSID of the AirStation will have to be manually entered on each wireless client device.
Even when "Automatic detection of wireless access point" ("Wireless Automatic Detection" on Client Manager) is selected, the client will not detect the AirStation unless it has special software installed.


While AOSS is in use, a Broadcast SSID can be set but will not be used.

Wireless encryption WPA-PSK-TKIP, WPA2-PSK-TKIP , WPA/WPA2-Mixed or WEP is used for Multi Security SSID1.

Wireless encryption WPA-PSK-TKIP or WPA/WPA2-Mixed is used for Multi Security SSID2.

Wireless encryption WPA-PSK-AES is used for Multi Security SSID3.

Wireless encryption WEP is used for Multi Security SSID4.

Separate feature
Connected wireless devices can communicate with WAN side devices if this setting is enabled.

SSID is an identifying name for a wireless network. Each access point has a SSID. Roaming can be allowed by setting multiple AirStations with the same SSID over a widespread area. To change SSID from the default value, select "Input Value" and enter a new SSID in the input box. Up to 32 alphanumeric characters may be used. SSIDs are case-sensitive.


While AOSS is in use, an SSID can be set but will not be used.

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How to fix the Aero Theme in Windows

Wednesday, August 7, 2013 Posted by Glenn Von Posadas 0 comments

article by: Glenn Posadas

Having an aero theme is one of the good reasons in choosing windows 7 and 8 rather than its predecessors (e.g. vista, xp, etc...)

Anyways, you are here to fix your theme, right?
So, I have here my compilations of steps/solutions in solving your problem, not to mention my own solution.

Go ahead and continue reading this article...

Try one of these options:

1) In your desktop, right click and select PERSONALIZE. Under the "Aero Themes", select any of those themes, and later you can change the wallpaper if you want to. We just want to enable our aero power. XD

2) Click start, Right click MY COMPUTER then click PROPERTIES. And then Rate your computer. It may take some time to complete. If your computer is already rated, then try other options here.

3) Reinstall your Video Card Driver.

4) Check if your video card has no bloated caps, if there are some, replace them immediately (if you only have a knowledge in electronics, otherwise, seek some help).

5) If you have a stardock, then go to STARDOCK > MyColor > and then change the theme.

6) Uninstall an "ASUS-???" related software. Asus-?? means that I can't remember what is the exact name of that software that hinders your computer to be on aero theme.

7) Last, my final option, and probably the best option:
Go to Start. Type services.msc and then press Enter. Scroll down until you find the Desktop Window Manager Session Manager. Right click, and then click start.

If ever your service is already running, yet you are not experiencing the aero theme, right click again that service and click RESTART!!!
Voila! I am sure that one of these options worked for you! So hit like or share. :)

additional tags: how to fix the aero theme, how to aero, aero theme in windows disabled, how to enable the aero theme, no aero theme in windows 7, windows 8 no aero theme, how to enable my aero theme in windows, aero theme suddenly disappears, steps in solving and fixing the aero them in your windows.

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How to fix Prolific USB-to-Serial Comm Port

Thursday, July 25, 2013 Posted by Glenn Von Posadas 0 comments

Windows can't install your Prolific USB-to-Serial (converter). Okay, this is just easy to fix, but honestly it took me 15 minutes to figured out what was wrong. I already tried several versions of prolific drivers and other drivers for USB to RS232 converter made by other manufacturers.

Anyways, mine is made by Prolific. Prolific is the manufacturer, there are lots of USB-to-Serial RS232 converters out in the market that are not complicated to install.

Okay, getting straight, mine now is working! Kindly uninstall any prolific (non-working) drivers in your computer and then follow my instructions.

1. Download this file. CLICK HERE (my Google Drive Mirror)
2. Save the file in your Desktop (for easy access).
3. Click START >> Right click My Computer >> Click Properties >> Click Device Manager.
4. Click USB-Serial Controller, or under the Ports, please click Prolific USB-to-Serial
5. Click Update Driver
6. Click Browse and locate the folder that you've downloaded from my site.
7. Finally, let me know if this works for you :)

article by: Glenn Posadas

additional title: how to fix usb to rs232 prolific, prolific driver, real driver for prolific windows vista and windows 7 x86. Driver for prolific USB to rs232 windows 7 32bit. Cannot install driver for prolific usb to serial. Windows x64 driver for prolific usb to rs232 serial converter

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Unidentified Network Appears in WiFi

Wednesday, June 26, 2013 Posted by Glenn Von Posadas 0 comments

article by: Glenn Posadas

A wild "Unidentified Network" appears in your face? Annoying unidentified network in your WiFi? Some of your desktop and laptops are already connected to your network as well as yo the internet, but one of your stupid laptop/desktop refuse to receive an I.P address?

Continue reading as I help you to fix this irritating issue...

There are actually many ways to solve this.

1. Disabling the ##ID_String... service in your services. Click here for more information. Cause I have already wrote an article about this.

2. Troubleshoot the problem using the windows troubleshooting tool. This somehow helps sometimes.

3. Installing Reliable Multicast Protocol in IPV4 and IPV6. This sometimes solve the problem for some people.

And lastly, my own way:

4. Assign a static IP Address on your IPv4.
Alright, so go to Network and Internet in your control panel > Network Connections > Right click your WiFi adapter.
After that, click the IPv4, Choose "use the following IP Address".
Assign your desired IP. Say,  (yeaaa, I love 69. Just kidding!)
Then the Subnet Mask will automatically be added. And then Click OK, don't mind the other textboxes.

Tadaaaaaaa! no internet connection yet, right? :) Haha! Because we are not yet done!
go to IPv4 again, and choose automatically assign IP Address. That should solve your problem!

Please share if it does so. :)

additional tags: Unidentified Network Notification, Unidentified Network in my Wifi even though it has internet, No connection in Wifi, Unidentified Network in Windows 7, how to fix it.

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Solid Orange Color on Lan Port even without cable

Sunday, June 16, 2013 Posted by Glenn Von Posadas 0 comments

No internet access? But you are totally sure that all things are clear and set?
So here is the thing, most people would think (especially when there is a thunderstorm) that any NIC (or lan card) would just burn itself easily. When I saw that the port on the back of my computer produces a solid color orange even with or without cable, I thought that port was ughhh all gone, thought I should buy a new card. But, here is the way to determine if your card/NIC is broken:

First, go to myComputer, right click and then Properties.
Second, click DEVICE MANAGER.
Third, expand the Network Adapters. You can check there if really your adapter is not working or disabled.


Answer: Check if your adapter is disabled, if so, just enable it and then bam! All set!

article by: Glenn

additional tags: orange color in lan port what does it mean?, troubleshooting lan port 101, 101 with the nic card, no internet access in my pc, orange stable led in lan, no green color in computer, there is a wifi but no lan, troubleshooting internet connection

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Uneditable Text in ComboBox VB.net

Tuesday, June 11, 2013 Posted by Glenn Von Posadas 0 comments

Article by: Glenn Posadas

If your program has a combo box and any user can edit or input something in such object, then your program may not look professional.

There are four types of combo boxes you may want to put in your form:

1. The Normal one - you can see the list inside the object but you can input anything. Not so cool, especially if you are developing a serious project.

2. Enabled/Disabled Combo Box - if you set the enable property to false, obviously you can't input anything, and you can't even click it.

3. DropDown Style Property Combo Box - if you set its dropdown style property to dropdown list, err, its color will be uneditable too and it can't have a text to display in running time. Also, I am currently developing a system for this coming june, it is for the registration in our organization, and I was having a real trouble in finding a solution in my combo box. I want it to look professional. I can't have this DropDown Style shit set to List, because its color is not good, and its obvious that its design doesn't fit to my form style.

4. The Normal but uneditable Combo Box - Finally! This is the best type of combo box that I can put in my program.The color is good and changeable and it is uneditable.

There are lots of ways to make your normal combo box uneditable. But I'm gonna show you the easiest one.

Okay here it is: Put e.Handled = True inside the KeyPress event of your Combo Box.

How to do this (noob haha),
1. Go to the Design Form.
2. Double click the Combo Box
3. Click at the middle field of the code (SelectedIndexChanged), and
4. Select the method name above (this has the thunder sign) and find KeyPress, finally put the code I've given above.

additional tags: uneditable text in combobox in visual c#, visual basic.net, vs 2005, read only combo box, how to disable edit in combo box, how to make combo box uneditable without dropdown list, no dropdown list, readonly

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Do babies already have sin?

Monday, June 10, 2013 Posted by Glenn Von Posadas 0 comments

Have you heard from a certain religion that BABIES inherit sins? Anyways, its been one month since the last time I posted something on my site.

Disclaimer: I do not hate anything here :). I posted this because I have to, I have to let my readers know the truth, I was wondering... I was really wondering and I knew from the start that babies are innocent. Sin isn't inheritable. So before continuing reading my post, please be open minded, no hate, just blog, just facts.

Going on with the topic, I was with my girlfriend and with the family of her sister. My girlfriend's nephew was about to be baptized in a Catholic Church. There was this girl who was teaching the crowd, the parents whose their babies will be soon baptized. I was listening even while playing with my girlfriend's IpadMini. The girl who was preaching was asking random mothers and fathers, and I noticed some of them couldn't answer, meaning they are not even listening...

While doing my business (taking photos and reviewing photos), I suddenly heard that the girl said: "all babies should be baptized because THEY HAVE SINNED!". OMG. I without hesitation told my girlfriend with a bit a bit a bit a little bit loud voice: "Really? How could have the babies sin?", and of course my girlfriend told me to keep quite. Hehe.

I told myself that I will search the fact in the Bible... But two weeks have passed, I haven't searched for it yet. But here, tonight, I found the answers.

All credits goes to: http://www.topicalbiblestudies.com and the BIBLE.

This concept of hereditary sin is often referred to as “original sin,” or in Calvinism, “total hereditary depravity,” promoting that there is nothing inherently good about a child. There must be a reason that people believe this, right? Is there a biblicalreason? There is one, well known passage that advocates of original sin use to preach their doctrine. That passage is Psalm 51:5, which records king David saying, “Behold, I was brought forth in iniquity; And in sin my mother conceived me.” There is another, less popular passage sometimes used by those who teach original sin: “The wicked are estranged from the womb; These who speak lies go astray from birth. They have venom like the venom of a serpent; like a deaf cobra that stops up its ear, So that it does not hear the voice of charmers, or a skillful caster of spells. O God, shatter their teeth in their mouth; break out the fangs of the young lions, O Lord” (Ps. 58:3-6).

Do these passages really teach that you and I were born as sinful infants? Let us consider this question. First, we must learn whether these verses are to be taken literally or figuratively. Both of these verses were written in Hebrew poetry. In most forms of poetry, especially Hebrew poetry, authors often use figures of speech to emphasize their points. It is common to find similes and hyperboles in all types of poetry. We must not neglect this fact. We must approach God’s word, being ready to discern from literal and figurative language. Are these verses to be taken literally or figuratively? We will come back to this question toward the end of the study. Let’s analyze some other verses first.


Are babies born innocent or guilty? Scripture says, “The person who sins will die. The son will not bear the punishment for the father's iniquity, nor will the father bear the punishment for the son's iniquity; the righteousness of the righteous will be upon himself, and the wickedness of the wicked will be upon himself” (Eze. 18:20). This verse plainly teaches that the righteous father will not be held guilty for his son’s sins. Likewise, a righteous son will not be guilty for his father’s sins. Instead, it is upon each individual person whether or not he or she lives a righteous or wicked life. “So then each one of us will give an account of himself to God” (Rom. 14:12).
We must understand that sin is spoken of in Scripture as something chosen, and not inherited. “Everyone who practices sin also practices lawlessness; and sin is lawlessness” (1 Jn. 3:4). We read in Scripture that there is a time in a person’s life when he or she “knows enough to refuse evil and choose good” (Isa. 7:15-16). Evil is something one chooses, not inherits.
Jesus promises, “Truly I say to you, unless you are converted and become like children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven” (Mt. 18:3). Does Jesus want us to convert and become like lawless, sinful children, who are destined for hell? Jesus promises us that we cannot enter the kingdom of heaven if we do not become like children (see also 1 Cor. 14:20). Children obviously represent innocence. This verse makes no sense if children are born totally depraved. Sin separates us from God (Isa. 59:2). If children are sinful, they are separated from God. But they are innocent. That’s why we have to become like them (innocent, teachable, trusting) to enter the kingdom of heaven. Why else would Jesus tell us to become like children?
Similarly, Jesus told His disciples on one occasion, “Let the children alone, and do not hinder them from coming to Me; for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these” (Mt. 19:14). Again, think about what this verse would mean if children inherit sin. The kingdom of heaven would belong to those separated from God. Instead, since children are innocent, the kingdom of heaven belongs to the innocent- those who belong to God.

-So okay, enough said, the conclusion is: As the Bible rejects the teachings of original sin, I hope you do too. God creates humans. God gives them their souls. God does not give defective, despised blessings. Instead, the baby is born with an innocent soul, and as he or she matures, the decision must be made to do right or wrong (Isa. 7:15-16). 

To continue reading the article, click here

additional tags: Are babies born with sin?, No babies have sin, Babies are all innocent, Bible Verses, Real facts from Bibles.

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Improving my photoshop skills

Monday, April 1, 2013 Posted by Glenn Von Posadas 0 comments

First of all, I want to say PLDT myDSL SUCKSSSS!!!!! IT SUCKSSS!!!
For almost 1 week til now, we have no internet connection. So last day, I tried watching a movie (skyfall) but I didn't finish, wasn't able rather, it because I really got bored! So I browsed some images, some raw photos from my photoshoot folder and bam!~ I found a raw photo of tina rivera. Anyways, I will try to have a photoshoot once again (my subject will be my girlfriend. yeeeman, yes v2.0) this week or next.

The raw photo is really not so nice. :)
Tina has so many strands of hair in her face, and also the raw photo is somewhat blur. I sharpened the photo about 150%. XD. I don't know if I am correct. I sharpened it using Lightroom and during the exporting of such picture, I sharpened it once again.

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Nokia X2 White Display FIXED

Posted by Glenn Von Posadas 0 comments

For most of the cellphone technicians, from newbies to pros, nokia phones are easy to fix. Anyway, my aunt always told me to try to fix the cellphone of her daughter (nokia x2) since I am repairing their computer, again.

So I saw her phone, and it only displays a white display, but it turns on, how did I know? Simple, some of the nokia phones vibrate when you turn them on. (oooh turn on huh?! hehe)....

I tried to seek help from forums but most of them suggest that it is a hardware issue, anyway, I asked my cousin if she accidentally dropped her phone, she said yes. XD. So, enough of this talk, and I will share my solution.

If you only accidentally dropped your phone, try this:
1. Turn you cellphone on, you will see of course a white display and it will suddenly vibrate, meaning your phone is totally fine.
2. Tap the back of your phone.
3. Do this for 10 times if it doesn't work. Trust me :) It won't damage your phone as far as I know. ^___^ Anyway, do this at your own risk!!!

additional tags: Nokia x2 fixed white display, nokia x2 displays only white display, white display in nokia x2, how to fix nokia x2, nokia x2 white display problem, nokia x2 lcd display, lcd displays only white in nokia x2.

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SAP-1 Architecture Schematic Diagrams

Tuesday, March 5, 2013 Posted by Glenn Von Posadas 0 comments

Someone sent me an e-mail. He was seeking a help regarding the sap-1, he came from youtube, has viewed my RAM of SAP-1 demonstration.

He was also requesting for the block and schematic diagrams of SAP-1. Anyway, SAP-1 (simple as possible) by brown and malvino is an 8-bit computer. Designed for the students to further understand the processing of a computer. I also built the control matrix/control sequencer of the SAP-1, but I am still lazy to  do a clip of it. heheh.

Here is the block diagram of SAP-1



additional tags: schematic diagram of SAP-1, simple as possible schematic, schem diagram of sap-1, simpel as possible block diagram, malvino sap-1, sap-1 by malvino simple as possible block diagram, complete schematic diagram of sap-1, complete schematic diagram and block diagram of simple as possible 1, sap-1

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My Lazada Experience

Posted by Glenn Von Posadas 1 comments

I received a PHP1000 Gift Cheque with a voucher code last week, because of the sudden excitement, I immediately posted a screenshot of the email from Lazada representative. Little did I know, I included the voucher code, that is... giving the PHP1000 GC for free on facebook! Boom! hehehe. Thank God I was still able to use it, thanks FB Friends! :)

Going on, me and my girlfriend ordered a bag (for my photography) and a watch for her nephew. I only had 1k GC, the bag costs around 700 or 600 and the watch costs uhmmm 400? Lazada says that if you order items worth greater than or exactly P1000.00, the shipping fee is for free!

Thanks for the reminder from my girlfriend, so we decided to order the watch. The total cost is P1,149.00, but I only had 1k GC. Lazada emailed me then the instruction and notes that the items were already on the way and to kindly wait for 1 or 2 days, the email says that if I anticipate that I won't be able to get the items myself from the LBC, I should print the email or leave some ID for verification. I am a student, I need my ID hehe. So I just printed the email from Lazada and stapled my 150 pesos cash together with the prints and left them in my grandma's store and I told her that she must pay the LBC and show them the prints.

When I came home last night, tadaaa! I saw the box! hehehe. Ahhh! This feeling!
Again, thanks to Lazada! Ohh by the way, I blogged about Lazada, that's why I received a GC. hehehe.

additional tags: experience with Lazada, How to order from Lazada, Your experience with ordering, ordering online experience, how to order online, ordering online is easy, Lazada ordering experience online, online shopping with Lazada, Lazada ordering shopping online, Lazada Gift Check.

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Hack for Speeding Up Taskbar Previews

Monday, March 4, 2013 Posted by Glenn Von Posadas 0 comments

When you roll over taskbar icons in Windows Vista and in Windows 7, little previews appear. The standard delay time for these previews if 400 ms (milliseconds, quite fast), or just under half a second. If this is too slow or too fast for you, of course you can adjust such delay time with an easy Registry Hack.

1. Open the Registry Editor and go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Micorosoft > Windows > CurrentVersion > Explorer > Advanced.

note: to open registry editor, go to START>RUN> and enter "REGEDIT" without quotes.

2. Right-click on the right pane and click NEW > DWORD (32-bit) value. Name the new DWORD "ExtendedUIHoverTime".

3. Double-click on ExtendedUIHoverTime to open it. Under "Base", click Decimal and then enter in the delay time (in milliseconds) in the "value data" filed. Click OK to set the time (default is 400 milliseconds).

4. Log off and then log back in for the change to take effect.

so that is it!
Stay tune for other Registry Hacks to make your PC Faster.
Yum yum! XD

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Why Lazada?

Friday, February 22, 2013 Posted by Glenn Von Posadas 0 comments

Lazada is an online shopping mall. You can find Lazada in 5 countries in southeast asia (Philippines, Indonesia, Vitnam, Malaysia and Thailand).
It offers a wide-array of products and provides a convenient, worry-free online shopping experience with - FREE SHIPPING AVAILABLE, 7 DAYS RETURN, and CASH ON DELIVERY on selected areas.

With Lazada, consumers can shop anytime, anywhere and find the best deals in mobiles & tablets, computers & laptops, consumer electronics, cameras, home & living, toys & babies, fashion & accessories, beauty & healthcare, travel & luggage, sports, and books, music & movies!

Payment Methods: Cash on Delivery or Credit Card (Visa or MasterCard)

Things I like about Lazada:
1)First, Free Shipping Available

Lazada offers FREE shipping nationwide within the Philippines for orders Php 1,000 and above. Lazada is commited to offering low shipping rates for orders below Php 1,000:
Metro Manila – Php 55
Outside Metro Manila – Php 99

2) Next, 7-Day Return Policy

Say goodbye to "No Return, No Exchange!" At Lazada Philippines, you have up to 7 days from the receipt of your package to process a return at your own costs. Just fill in the return form, send the item back in its original packaging, and we'll be more than happy to process your return.

For defective/damaged and wrong items, they will refund you the delivery costs. For further inquiries, please contact them at www.lazada.com.ph/contact/. You may contact them any day of the week even on holidays!
You may also get the answers to your most urgent questions at their Help section.

3) Lastly, Lazada offers CASH ON DELIVERY!!!

Lazada accepts Cash on Delivery (COD) nationwide. With our COD option, you can pay for your item when it gets to your doorstep. Simple. Secure. Hassle-free! Enjoy having a peace of mind when you purchase using COD.

-Maganda ito sa mga wala pang credit card like me ;)

PS: Soon, perhaps sa summer, after this semester, oorder ako dito. I like ordering online. Yung mga gamit ko sa photography, yung iba dun ay online ko binili. Wala lang, ang sosyal lang for me. XD. May dadating na LBC sa bahay nyo tapos may pipirmahan ka, bongga. HAHA! I can buy any Nikon Stuffs here sa Lazada. Hmmm... at may type akong sapatos e. Pero this summer nalang talaga. Wala pang time. So, ano pang hinihintay nyo? Order na.


Lazada's Facebook Page: click here
Lazada's Website: click here
Lazada's Contact Number: (02) - 795-8900

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My 12 Chosen Senatorial Candidates

Posted by Glenn Von Posadas 0 comments

Here is the list of my 12 chosen senatorial candidates. Although I am not into politics, in fact I really don't give a FUCK  to politics and I did not register to be a voter, me and my classmates in my social science subject are obliged to list our 12 senatorial candidates as an assignment. Ughhh. Anyways, here they are.

1.       Richard Gordon
Gordon mainly focuses on tourism. He was the author of National Tourism Policy Act of 2009 as well as the Automated Election Law. Chairman of Philippine National Red Cross. Lastly, Gordon established and developed the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority which gave so many investors to the country. Also he is a UP Diliman graduate. Impressive, isn’t he?

2.       Eddie Villanueva
Founder of Jesus Is Lord Church, which makes him trustworthy than other priest who wants to join the politics. He is also a UP Diliman graduate and an activist, impressive too. He plans and wants to empower, emancipate, and educate the people. The most important thing is that he eagerly wants to eradicate bad governance.

3.       Edgardo Sonny Angara
Graduate of London School of Economics and Political Science as well as of UP Diliman. Brilliant. Submitted many important bills and laws such as Salary Standardization Law. Topped the list of "prolific and hardworking members of the House of Representatives".

4.       Loren Legarda
Cum Laude graduate of UP Diliman. During her first six years in the Senate, Legarda authored legislation benefiting women's and children's rights. Also she is active in environmentalism.

5.       Bam Aquino
Summa cum laude of Ateneo De Manila as well as graduate of Harvard. Chairman of National Youth Commission.  Bam received so many awards that proves that he’s worthy to be voted.

6.       Teodoro CasiƱo
Relentless fighter of corruption and government abuse. Casino's main advocacy is the lowering of prices of electricity, oil and water as well as regulation in the price of education, healthcare, mobile communications, toll fees and other basic utilities and services.

Graduate of University of the Philippines. He focuses on the poor, the youth and cooperatives.

8.       Francis Escudero
He previously served as a member of the Philippine House of Representatives from the 1st District Sorsogon, and as the Minority Floor Leader of the 13th Congress of the Philippines on his third and last House term which all make him trustworthy to be a senator again.

9.       Ernesto Maceda, Jr.
Graduate of Harvard and Ateneo De Manila. He launched consumer protection programs and established trade relations with various Eastern European Social countries.

He is a recipient of the 2007 Ten Outstanding Young Men award for the category government and public service. Also, he is philanthropist, which perhaps an important attribute of a senator.

11.   Grace Poe
Graduate of University of the Philippines.  As the daughter of FPJ, who ran in the hotly contested 2004 Philippine Presidential election, she plans to continue her father's dream of serving the Filipinos by focusing on Poverty Alleviation; Opportunities for Children; Electoral Reform.

Graduate of UP Diliman and PMA, which describes him as a disciplined person. He stood up against Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s corrupt and oppressive regime, and was incarcerated for almost 7 ½ years. As a senator, he is the 4th most productive senator in terms of the number of bills and resolutions filed, totalling to 734 bills and resolutions, 30 of which have been passed into law. He is a recipient of 23 assorted merit medals, campaign ribbons and badges.

ps: just click their names to get you to their wikipedia. errrrrrr, kung ano yung nasa assignment ko, nandito sa blog. ^_^. We are restricted to only 1 page of bond paper.

additional tags: 12 senators, 12 senators worthy to be voted, who's your 12?, my 12 senators, my 12 senators for 2013, vote 12 senators for 2013, worthy to be voted senatorial candidates for 2013, vote for these senatorial candidates.

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