Nokia X2 White Display FIXED

Monday, April 1, 2013 Posted by Glenn Von Posadas

For most of the cellphone technicians, from newbies to pros, nokia phones are easy to fix. Anyway, my aunt always told me to try to fix the cellphone of her daughter (nokia x2) since I am repairing their computer, again.

So I saw her phone, and it only displays a white display, but it turns on, how did I know? Simple, some of the nokia phones vibrate when you turn them on. (oooh turn on huh?! hehe)....

I tried to seek help from forums but most of them suggest that it is a hardware issue, anyway, I asked my cousin if she accidentally dropped her phone, she said yes. XD. So, enough of this talk, and I will share my solution.

If you only accidentally dropped your phone, try this:
1. Turn you cellphone on, you will see of course a white display and it will suddenly vibrate, meaning your phone is totally fine.
2. Tap the back of your phone.
3. Do this for 10 times if it doesn't work. Trust me :) It won't damage your phone as far as I know. ^___^ Anyway, do this at your own risk!!!

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