Unidentified Network Appears in WiFi

Wednesday, June 26, 2013 Posted by Glenn Von Posadas

article by: Glenn Posadas

A wild "Unidentified Network" appears in your face? Annoying unidentified network in your WiFi? Some of your desktop and laptops are already connected to your network as well as yo the internet, but one of your stupid laptop/desktop refuse to receive an I.P address?

Continue reading as I help you to fix this irritating issue...

There are actually many ways to solve this.

1. Disabling the ##ID_String... service in your services. Click here for more information. Cause I have already wrote an article about this.

2. Troubleshoot the problem using the windows troubleshooting tool. This somehow helps sometimes.

3. Installing Reliable Multicast Protocol in IPV4 and IPV6. This sometimes solve the problem for some people.

And lastly, my own way:

4. Assign a static IP Address on your IPv4.
Alright, so go to Network and Internet in your control panel > Network Connections > Right click your WiFi adapter.
After that, click the IPv4, Choose "use the following IP Address".
Assign your desired IP. Say,  (yeaaa, I love 69. Just kidding!)
Then the Subnet Mask will automatically be added. And then Click OK, don't mind the other textboxes.

Tadaaaaaaa! no internet connection yet, right? :) Haha! Because we are not yet done!
go to IPv4 again, and choose automatically assign IP Address. That should solve your problem!

Please share if it does so. :)

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