How to fix the Aero Theme in Windows

Wednesday, August 7, 2013 Posted by Glenn Von Posadas

article by: Glenn Posadas

Having an aero theme is one of the good reasons in choosing windows 7 and 8 rather than its predecessors (e.g. vista, xp, etc...)

Anyways, you are here to fix your theme, right?
So, I have here my compilations of steps/solutions in solving your problem, not to mention my own solution.

Go ahead and continue reading this article...

Try one of these options:

1) In your desktop, right click and select PERSONALIZE. Under the "Aero Themes", select any of those themes, and later you can change the wallpaper if you want to. We just want to enable our aero power. XD

2) Click start, Right click MY COMPUTER then click PROPERTIES. And then Rate your computer. It may take some time to complete. If your computer is already rated, then try other options here.

3) Reinstall your Video Card Driver.

4) Check if your video card has no bloated caps, if there are some, replace them immediately (if you only have a knowledge in electronics, otherwise, seek some help).

5) If you have a stardock, then go to STARDOCK > MyColor > and then change the theme.

6) Uninstall an "ASUS-???" related software. Asus-?? means that I can't remember what is the exact name of that software that hinders your computer to be on aero theme.

7) Last, my final option, and probably the best option:
Go to Start. Type services.msc and then press Enter. Scroll down until you find the Desktop Window Manager Session Manager. Right click, and then click start.

If ever your service is already running, yet you are not experiencing the aero theme, right click again that service and click RESTART!!!
Voila! I am sure that one of these options worked for you! So hit like or share. :)

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