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Wednesday, September 18, 2013 Posted by Glenn Von Posadas

The lady was once my wife. The picture shows the end our my story but I want to let the world know the beginning of it. We were happily married with one sweet little girl. Like other happy families, we also had dreams.

I supported her dream to go abroad, from Taiwan(came home, with an unfinished contract), to HK to Canada. I loved her and trusted her so much that we ended up using even my inheritance for her to realize her dream. 

Our first time to be apart was difficult. But thanks to technology, with it, we were apart and yet so near. To make the story short, the technology that once making us feel together was the one that parted our ways.  The frequent chats and texts and phone calls became less and less as time went by. 

I tried my best to open the line but it was ignored. In the midst of everything, she even falsely accused me of doing something only to find out that she was the one who was and is in the dark.The picture says it all. Our once happy and intact family is now shattered by her own selfish desire and our dream to be reunited as one family is now gone with her own dreams. Who do you think suffers the most? No one but our innocent sweet Julia.

By the way, there are lots of good things about her too. One thing I will be forever thankful for is that she led me to the CREATOR. With that I can lead our daughter to the right path. To all our friends and relatives, I am sorry for putting this in public. I just don't want to explain to all what had happened and be bombarded with lots of questions. With this, you will know my true story and now it's up to you to know hers.

Please like and share this so that the people, most especially OFW, who have plans to do the same will have something to think about. Always remember that your family back home trusts you, misses you every moment, and wishes for a togetherness. Don't do what my once was a wife had done!

--I've found this letter on facebook. I thought it would help some people, specifically my readers, to realize that betraying isn't such a fcking good thing. People, please take note this: We should not lose our long time happiness just to enjoy the short time happiness.

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Author: Glenn Posadas

20 year old 5th year Computer Engineering Student, a blogger, photographer, programmer, and an electronics hobbyist; a Christian who loves God very much..

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